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Will’s Personal Development Show YouTube Channel Trailer



This is my new intro video for my Youtube channel. Subscribe to be notified when new videos are out, it’s free:

Transcript: Welcome to my success lifestyle Youtube channel. My goal is to teach you the secrets of the wealthy and help you live a more successful, fulfilling, healthy, and happy life. I’ll try to do this by giving you non-generic authentic advice from the most successful people of all time that I have picked out from reading and watching books, articles, interviews, lectures, and videos from hundreds of billionaires, millionaires, scientists, fitness, and finance experts, as well as many other successful people. Having a lot of money does not guarantee that you are happy, successful, or someone I respect, so I talk about what it takes to achieve happiness and success in life. Of course, this branches to other related topics of a great lifestyle including meeting and attracting the people you want in the dating scene and personal finance to name a few. So join me in my journey to become the best version of myself I can be and I guarantee you that if you watch enough of my videos, you will come out of it a different person with different habits, mindsets, perspectives, and knowledge that will revolutionize who you are. Along the way, I will also be doing some videos in the form of interviews, vlogs, or other forms of entertainment to show you to not take life too seriously. Ultimately, what I want to do is entertain, educate, motivate, and inspire you. I guarantee you that the successful people in dating, money, happiness, and life all have higher level behaviors, mindsets, routines, perspectives, and knowledge that would help you tremendously. I try my best to break down and share these with you through my videos. So hit the subscribe button if you are someone who wants to better your life. And in the meantime, check out some of the videos I have already released. I’ll see you guys later.
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