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What is entrepreneurship?



Take a look at our teaser from the coming online course in entreprenurship! The video features interviews with the following persons working in the support system and/or the field of entreprenurship in Skåne and beyond:

Arne Hansson, Ideon Open
Lina Boreson, Smile Incubator
Mia Rolf, Ideon Science Park
Ola Svedin, Mobile Heights
Katarina Scott, Future by Lund
Lars Tilly, Innovation Skåne
Pelle Gavell, Ideon Innovation
Linus Wiebe, LU Innovation
Johan Olsén, Almi
Jeanette Andersson, Minc
Jan-Erik Bengtsson, Tillväxt Malmö
Alex Esser, Connect Sverige
Joakim Grina, Sopact
Solomon Akele Abebe, Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

More information to come!

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