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TIC Exclusive: Follow Your Dreams Not The Crowd – Nayosoul




NayoSoul (real name Odunayo Ayorinde) is an enchanting Soul/Jazz singer bustling with sultry, smooth vocals and her peculiar melodies and progressions as well as her socially conscious message.

She was groomed in the Church choir and started taking ‘solos’ at the age of 14 where she one day discovered her love for soul/jazz music. – TooXclusive

Here is an exclusive interview TIC did with Nayosoul, discussing her music and background. Enjoy..
TIC: Tell us about Nayosoul
Nayosoul: Nayosoul is the musical side of Odunayo Ayorinde. This is the more outgoing side of me.
TIC: What was growing up like
Nayosoul: Growing up was a lot of fun. I grew up in a family of 4 girls and parents who were/are strict academicians.
Music runs in my family particularly on my mother’s side. My grandmother and aunties were in choir as was my mother. My sisters were also in the choir with one singing Auto and another Tenor. I was the soprano singer in the family.
TIC:  Describe your music in three words?
Nayosoul: Earthy, soulful, soothing.
TIC: Did your family support your music career from the very beginning?
Nayosoul: My sisters and extended family members, yes! My parents, no not really. They started to come around in 2013/2014. They haven’t fully come around to be honest, it’s still a work in progress.
TIC: You have a degree in Law, so when did you decide to go into music?
Nayosoul: Professionally in 2011. I had always done music for fun, in church, in the university but my first professional music release was Rhythm of the sound and that must have been in 2011.
TIC: Are you currently practicing law?
Nayosoul: In one way or the other I practice law every day. I’ll never stop studying law, I find it very intriguing
TIC: What message do you pass across with your music?
Nayosoul: When I write music I like to tell a story. More recently my music has been about love. Love is God’s greatest commandment and the best gift we can give one another. I am extremely lucky to have so much love in my life so my music naturally reflects that.
TIC: What are your inspirations?
Nayosoul: I like everything nature. One of my most recent pictures was shot at Olumo rock in Abeokuta. I am inspired by my surroundings and you would usually find me sitting outside my house, with my eyes closed, writing music.
I am inspired by joy. I cannot write when I am sad. I like to make soothing music that makes people happy so I cannot write when I am sad or it will reflect. I am also inspired by alternative music, particularly of independent artists. There is a freedom to their writing that moves me express freely with my own music. Sometimes, you worry about making acceptable and current music, I have learnt to close my mind to all of that.
I am also inspire by love! I used to say I wasn’t but that has since changed.
TIC: Do you play any instruments?
Nayosoul: No, none yet. I would love to learn the piano at some point.
TIC: What artists are your influencers?
Nayosoul: Asa, Bruno Mars, Sade Adu, Corrine Bailey Rae and more. It changes every now and then to be honest. I am influenced by a variety of artists.
TIC: What genre of music did you grow up listening to and how did it influence your choice as an artist and what song was your favorite as a child?
Nayosoul: I listened to loads of gospel music. I loved/love Yolanda Adams and Cece Winans. Because of my background in gospel music, there are certain types of music I cannot make and there are messages I cannot portray. I try to stay positive with my music and I am constantly thinking about the listeners and how my music must impact their lives.
Hopefully I have done well so far.
TIC: What genre would your music best fit into?
Nayosoul: Soul music
TIC: What do you think about Nigerian music lately?
Nayosoul: I think it’s becoming more structured, thankfully. It is still very male dominated but more women are starting to break through and the industry is starting to pay close attention to us. Also there is a yearning for conscious music that wasn’t really there before. It is a slow but steady journey and I am happy with the changes I can see every day.
TIC: What has been the biggest challenge for you?
Nayosoul: Being a soul artist is a challenge in itself. The genre of music is hard to push but it has gotten easier over the years. I have learnt to not count it as a challenge though, I see it as part of my own journey and story in life.
TIC: What do you think your Biggest Opportunity has been so far in your music career
Nayosoul: I treat everything I have done in my career so far as a big opportunity. From performing at the Lagos Jazz Festival to the Jazz performances in New Orleans and more, I am grateful for every single platform I have been given to express my music.

TIC: What are your immediate music career goals and what should your fans be looking out for?
Nayosoul: My team and I are planning to shoot a video for the new single AYANFE MI. I will also start work on my album. Hopefully this will be out in 2016, fingers crossed.
TIC: If you had to choose between being a super successful lawyer within a year and being a super star musician within ten years, which would you go for?
Nayosoul: It’s a tough question. I say ‘let God’s will be done’
TIC: What would you like to be remembered for?
Nayosoul: For having made a difference or left a positive impact in the world.
TIC: What do you do in your spare time?
Nayosoul: I watch a lot of television series or I read. Music takes me out a lot so when I get my alone time, I guard it jealously.
TIC: What’s your advice to youths across Africa?
Nayosoul: Follow your dreams not the crowd or the norm. Stand out and be different. People will only take you seriously when they see consistency so don’t ever give up!