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TIC Exclusive: Broadcasting Is My Passion; I Eat, I Drink and Sleep In It – Adetola Kayode



Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.Harriet Tubman

For most people, Adetola Kayode is a familiar face on LTV news. She is extremely passionate about her job, humble and always carries a big smile. TIC reached out to her to share her story; who really is Adetola Kayode and how did it all start?

Enjoy the interview.


TIC: Tell us about Yourself and your background

Adetola: I am Adetola Kayode from Ajowa Akoko in Ondo state but born and bred in Lagos. I am a Broadcast-Journalist with Lagos Television with bias and passion for News reporting and casting.

TIC: What was growing up like?

Adetola: I would say growing up was fun, grew up amidst my siblings, we were not poor neither were we rich. My parents, Otunba Z.O Kayode of blessed memory and my mum Chief (Mrs) Grace Kayode did everything to give us the best education at that time. My schools were the best at that time and I say this not in terms of how expensive. My primary school was Niger Pre-Age Int’l home school, Lagos, Secondary: St Helens Unity secondary school, Ondo.



TIC: Why did you decide to be a journalist?

Adetola: I guess my dad whipped it up in me. I started reading newspapers and watching the news at a very young age. After reading the papers, he would pass it on to me and I was always with him when it was time for NTA network news. I also loved to read comprehension passages aloud in class. I had always wanted to be a Newscaster right from Primary through Secondary school. So naturally when it was time for me to choose, I didn’t hesitate in doing so.

TIC: What steps did you take?

Adetola: I made my findings in secondary school and insisted I was going to study Mass- Communication at a Polytechnic because I heard if you want to be well grounded in the profession, The Polytechnic is it! I had my OND and HND at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, in between the two degrees, I went for professional trainings at The Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria, ITPAN for a Certificate in Presentation, NTA TV College, Jos for Certificate in Presentation and The FRCN Training School for Elocution skills.

My parents sponsored all of these training and I will be forever grateful to them. I have also attended Broadcast Journalism courses outside the country, with RNTC, Netherlands and refresher course in Uganda. I was also at LASU for my Masters in Communication Studies.


TIC: You are such an outstanding Broadcast journalist, what drives you?

Adetola: My drive has always been the quest to acquire and deliver best practices in Broadcast-Journalism.

TIC: We all know journalism is a very competitive career, how did you get your breakthrough on the big screen?

Adetola: My first time on the screen was dramatic and it was at OGTV, I was there for my NYSC. Before then, I was at LTV at two different times for my Industrial Training and EKO FM after graduation, where I had stints on Radio. With all of those experiences at state owned media, I knew members of staff don’t work when there was industrial action, so somehow I resumed at OGTV for my NYSC.

On a day workers were on strike, I met with Mr Bayo Olayemi, who was then the NUJ Chapel Chairman and had come to monitor compliance, he asked for my résumé, which I told him, he put me through a quick audition and he thought I was good enough to take the news. I thought it was a joke, but I’ve learnt in life never to say no to opportunities, so I went on into the studio when it was time for news, I read the first two stories and in between I was yanked off, at first I didn’t understand what happened and then I realised no one knew me, I was on their airwaves and I never got angry nor blamed anyone, I understood where they were coming from. But, that opportunity made them realize I had it in me, in less than 2 weeks, I was auditioned again to take the news, the brief ones and in less than two months I was rostered to take the major news, as a corp member.

I totally enjoyed my experience there, I took with me some of the best things that still work for me till date, with the likes of Bayo Olayemi, Sina Anidugbe, Kemi Ewedairo-Yusuf, Biodun Alabi too numerous to mention. I even got a state award for that year.


TIC: What is your favorite thing about your job?

Adetola: I get to know about happenings in and around the country, meet people as well as being in a position to professionally present the news to a larger audience. I love it, I always say Broadcasting is my passion, I eat, I drink and sleep in it. And you won’t hear me say, I’m a Broadcaster, no, I am a Broadcast-Journalist, and I love the Journalism aspect of broadcasting. The ability to go gather my report, script, edit and deliver the News is always a great refreshing moment.


TIC: What is it like being a Broadcast presenter for Lagos Television?

Adetola: It’s been a decade that I started work at Lagos Television and it’s been a daily, growing experience. We are more like family because we spend almost 15 hours every day in one another’s company especially in the newsroom.

TIC: Do you plan having your own show or broadcast TV sometime in the future?

Adetola: The dream is there but you know it’s no mean feat, capital intensive but then with digitization closing in on us, nothing is impossible. Right now I present weekly show which kicked off early this year- The Sunday Evening Show on Lagos Television at 7:30pm. We focus on human angle stories, interesting stories and social items that should interest the viewer. We are a team and we work to make it successful.

TIC: Who inspires you?

Adetola: My father tops it all, I remember we even wrote my first jingle script together. He was no journalist but did everything to support me.

TIC: Who are those you aspire to be like?

Adetola: In the Broadcasting world, the likes of Tokunbo Ajayi, Sienne All well Brown, Lekan Ogunbanwo, John Momoh, Jim Clancy and some other people inspire me. I have picked a few things from all these men to make me who I am today.

TIC: What is your advice for young / upcoming journalists?

Adetola: They should remain dedicated and true to their dreams, learn as much as you can no matter how minute and do not stop getting education.


TIC: What are your career plans & goals for 2016?

Adetola: Should I say under wraps, lol! I intend to take it higher and ensure I am always better than last year. God willing

TIC: What is the highest point & lowest point of your career respectively?

Adetola: I haven’t reached my peak yet, cos every stage is an opportunity to break new grounds and lowest point? I can’t remember


TIC: If you were not a journalist, what other career would you have chosen ?

Adetola: It has always been my first and only love but I wouldn’t have minded if I was a flight announcer or studied International relations.

TIC: How do you manage your work/life balance?

Adetola: I try to strike a balance.

TIC: What’s your mantra towards life ?

Adetola: I actually have two: The first house on a street is not necessarily the best, the fact that someone got there first doesn’t make them the best! And then, life and everything in it is a jigsaw puzzle, with each having roles to play to complete it and then the sky is big enough for everyone.


TIC: How far are willing to go to succeed?

Adetola: As far as God will allow and give me opportunities.

TIC: Kindly Describe yourself in two words

Adetola: That’s one of our albatross in this profession, we celebrate other people and not ourselves, it might be difficult but I’ll say… Determined to succeed

TIC: Advice to TIC readers?

Adetola: Aspire to do your best with everything you find your hands doing and your gifts will make way for you.

TIC: Thank you for your time.

Adetola: Thank you too. Have a remarkable year


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  1. Segun

    February 6, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    Awesome.. The sky is the starting point if you are passionate about what you do.

  2. Uche

    February 6, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    I always watch her on TV, she has an amazing voice. I wish her all the best.

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