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The Importance Of Love Making To A Relationship

The importance of love making has been lost for younger generations. With all of the books, tips, and shops out there, sex has become something to be enjoyed among two people, regardless of intimacy. But love making is actually a vital live line to your relationship. Men will not be happy in a relationship without sex. Women will not be happy in a relationship without intimacy. Love making is both.

In today’s society, sex has become meaningless. Rather than attempting to create a special connection, partners are only out to please themselves. In love making, intimacy and sharing is the main purpose. When two people engage in love making, they are not attempting to please themselves, but rather please their spouse. As you can see, there is a big difference between love making and sex.

Numerous studies have been performed by marriage counselors and psychologists. These studies showed that at least eighty percent of the couples that end up in marriage counseling or divorce court do not engage in love making. Granted, love making is not the root of the problems of these relationships. However, it does play a large role in keeping the relationship alive, even when problems are present.

When two people engage in true love making, they are giving of themselves to their spouse. This giving, loving nature of love making will remind couples of the love that they share, regardless of fights, arguments, and disagreements. Love making will revitalize your relationship and your love for each other. Often, this alone can promote healing in a relationship, and open up the lines of communication for resolution of deeper issues.

Love making also helps to forge a lasting relationship. When two people engage in love making, a bond is created. Besides being emotionally and physically attracted, the couple becomes spiritually attached. This bonding is one reason why women are encouraged not to make love with their partner unless they are certain that it is a relationship that will last. With women especially the bond created through love making is one that cannot easily be broken. Once a couple engages in love making, the break up of that couple will result in much heart ache as well as a feeling of spiritual loss. The couple who engages in love making will share in each other’s spirit, and build the foundation for a long lasting, fulfilling relationship that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Source by Mario R. Churchill

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