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Lagos’ Danfo Now Has It Own Font Design And It’s Brilliant



This is definitely one of the best things you’ll see this week. If you are familiar with public transport in Lagos specifically ‘Danfos’ you’ll find this all the more exciting. Inspired by the yellow and black of Lagos’ most popular transport icon and the art associated with it, design agency, Dá Design Studio has created a font called Danfo STD. The agency has also created graphics and motion images that go along with it.

Although Danfo drivers are notorious for reckless driving, their automobiles have become an important cultural element. Popular for inspirational stickers, they can be brighten your day on what appears to be a sour day. So imagine our delight when the art that makes our day becomes recognized through its own digital font design, it’s all shades of beautiful to say the least.

Why It’s Brilliant

The font design taps into our collective identity as a people. They tell the story of our culture and can become a very important export. Now designers and other creatives who have always wanted to highlight Lagos Danfo art in their work can easily do so with the Danfo STD font software. The typeface is available for use through a commercial license and a non-commercial license. The non-commercial license is available to individuals or non-profit organizations using the product for personal or non-commercial purposes. All other cases fall under the commercial license.

One of the elements that makes a great font is the right kerning and Danfo STD has a great one. There’s not too much space between the characters and it’s also not scrunched up which brings out its beauty. You don’t get distracted from what the font is communicating and you also get to appreciate the individuality of each character. Another great thing is that Danfo STD is bold and legible which is the litmus test for good typefaces at the basic level. Then there’s the sheer aesthetic of the fonts and graphics when you look at it.

Great fonts always elicit emotions and Danfo STD doesn’t miss out on this important element. Its yellow and black color quickly reminds you of the hustle and bustle of Lagos’ streets. They also evoke fun and playfulness which is a major part of the stickers that inspired the font itself. In all, Danfo STD ticks the right boxes of a great typeface but the most important being the cultural significance of the project. It reminds us of Lagos and all its “wahala” and we are loving it!

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