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Interview with an Entrepreneur – Michael McCafferty



This story is being played out in most educational facilities worldwide.
A subject most popular in colleges is the study of success in business as told by entrepreneurs who have started with nothing and built profitable businesses and soon achieved enormous wealth. It has been described this way:

An entrepreneur is a person who
will work like nobody else will
so they can live the rest of their life
like nobody else can.

Zuckerberg and Gates and lots of others make it look easy to become a billionaire: fiddle with a few keys on a computer and pretty soon you have enough money to buy whole islands and homes and airplanes and fun cars.

Because the rewards are huge, a lot of people want to see what it takes, and maybe give it a try. There’s a lot of interest in stories of how seemingly ordinary people made it happen.

In this episode of Interview an Entrepreneur, Fidelia Speidel, Syracuse University sophomore interviews serial entrepreneur Michael McCafferty, inventor of TeleMagic software, the first of what would evolve from telemarketing, to contact management, to sales automation, to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and who knows what they’ll call it next. But it all started in 1985 when Michael McCafferty described a new software creation that would integrate a select set of functions and features that give great powers to entrepreneurs to rapidly grow their business. This was software for salespeople, customer service reps, accounting, order entry, and more. It even dialed the phone at a time when computers were just getting into small businesses. and plays nicely with email, letter writing, proposals, and a complete trail of all transactions with every customer, all instantly retrievable at the touch of a few keys. It was the dawn of a new day in business. The software was sold globally and translated into several languages.

TeleMagic soon attracted competitors and the booming business is now well over 50 billion dollars a year. TeleMagic earned recognition in the Inc 500 list of the fasted growing private companies in America for 1991 and 1992. The company was acquired in October 1992 by Sage Group Plc, from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for an undisclosed amount of cash (only two commas) as well as other monetary payments over the next few years, both as fixed amounts for consulting, and royalties.

This was a sweet deal for Michael McCafferty, and he soon set about enjoying the fruits of his labors over the last 7 years of stress and modest living circumstances. The first of these fruits was a Ferrari, just like the one he had before he lost everything in a bankruptcy that he brought upon himself through his own stubborn adherence to principle. After the Ferrari came the open-cockpit biplane, the ultimate fun machine, and for the next 7 years he played in the skies all over the USA and Europe. He wrote a book that chronicles the European adventure, 94 days of flying low and slow over the coastlines and seas and mountains of Europe. Eleven countries, no rules, no schedule, just go play.

That’s the way it went for 7 years, and the exotic car count got as high as six, and a fantasy hangar/home in the desert with a runway leading up to his bedroom, shared with the biplane resting just a few feet away from his own.

It was good to live in solitude in the desert
with fun cars and a beautiful open-cockpit biplane,
but soon his spirit yearned to live by the sea again,
and he moved back to the coast north of San Diego,
where he lives comfortably today, in Del Mar, California.

Aviation adventures gave way to a few years of yoga and mindfulness,
then 5 years perfecting the fine art of pocket billiards,
while getting away from it all with freestyle frisbee on the beach.

For the last 15 years he has been serving as an advisor to a few selected entrepreneurs.

Michael McCafferty on the web:
Contact Email:

Date: March 23, 2016,
Interviewer: Fidelia Speidel at Syracuse University, and Charles Speidel in Del Mar, CA
Subject: Michael McCafferty

Recording device: iPhone 6s plus.
Production notes: FaceTime connection between, Syracuse and Del Mar.

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