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“If you rotate Africa’s map 180 degrees clockwise, you can see a pistol” | kanthari TALKS | Peter



“If you rotate Africa’s map 180 degrees clockwise, you can see a pistol with Nigeria at the trigger. What does this mean? It means if nothing is done now, my children and children of the common man in Nigeria will have to fight a battle that we could have prevented. My organisation Soulace Africa will prevent the next generation of Nigeria from pulling this trigger.
Statistics show that Boko Haram insurgency, caused about 100,000 war widows and orphans in the past six years in the north eastern part of Nigeria alone. But I can tell you that the real number is much higher. There is a huge environmental concern going on the north eastern part of Nigeria. Lake Chad is drying up, many people have lost their means of livelihood. United Nations raised an outcry and said that there is a huge humanitarian crisis in the north eastern part of Nigeria. I see this as a crime of war and nothing has been done.”

– Peter Adeeko, Soulace Africa, Nigeria

Peter’s childhood dream was to adopt many orphans and build a big house for them. Little did he know that he would end up becoming an orphan himself. Peter was a child affected by war whom was raised by his teenage brother. Violence and increased armed conflicts in Nigeria, made him to act to work on interventions for war affected families and the establishment of a peace academy.

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