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How to Lick a Woman’s Vagina – Secrets to Drive Her Wild With Your Tongue

Cunnilingus is the only way that most women reach powerful orgasms so as a man I think it very important to learn the art of cunnilingus and learn it properly. Did you know that up to 60% of women have never had an orgasm and fake it just to keep their man happy. Also that women who do not receive orgasms are highly likely to cheat on you in order to find a guy who will satisfy them.

So as you can see cunnilingus is not just about licking her vagina, it is also a way to make a woman happy within herself and also a way to stop her from cheating to get her pleasures.

With this in mind here are three cunnilingus tips to help make sure that she stays faithful and hopefully returns the favour with a little sucking.

1. I know this bit is a drag but the ladies love to be pampered and made to feel sexy, do this by complimenting her on the way her hair or clothes look and buying her little gifts to show that you care. If she feels wanted and sexy then the chances of sexual activity are greatly enhanced.

2. Take it easy and keep it slow and gentle, don’t just “go at it” with your tongue as this will be a proper turn off. Instead work your way down to the vagina by first kissing her neck and chest then her belly and legs before moving slowly and gently to her vagina.

3. Don’t spoil all your hard work by going straight for the clitoris, again this is a major turn off be stealthy in your work. Kiss, lick and suck the outer walls first then put your tongue gently inside. The key to great cunnilingus is timing, when she is sufficiently aroused the clitoris will pop out of its hiding place and this is your cue to liven things up a bit.

That’s 3 simple tips to performing cunnilingus, there is so much to learn that a guide book is essential if you want to give her the orgasm or multiple orgasms of her life.

So if you want a happy responsive partner who will never ever cheat on you then mastering cunnilingus is a must.

Source by Michael Harradine

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