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Got A Crush On Someone?

Well, you are in luck because there are some really cool websites out there that are a mixture of dating sites like Match or True and social networking sites like Myspace and Xanga, these sites are referred to as Social Dating Networks. So what exactly can you do on these sites? How much does it cost? Fortunately for you the price tag on these sites is zero! Yep, you can join today, completely free of charge, unlike those other websites!

You can do some really cool activities on these sites, but first and foremost I would like to mention the fact that you can “secretly” let someone know you like them. No, these aren’t kid’s games, there are actually a lot of 20 year old people and even older people that have a hard time expressing a crush they may have on someone!

These websites allow you to get over that fear of telling someone you fancy them very quickly. I saw one today that actually lets you make a little “mini me” character (a miniCool), and then when you find someone on the website that is of interest to you, you can send that person your character either through the site, by email or send them an SMS message with little clues to who you are and all that good stuff.

The fun thing is that you can send tantalizing clues just your hair color, your eyes, clues about your interests anything you like, you can just gradually build it up! If the person doesn’t guess it’s you, you can send them more details by adding to your clue character. It’s a brilliant for flirting! I have a miniCool I just built on this one website and it looks exactly like me!

There’s tons of cool options and it’s such fun making up these characters. I know I have visited some other sites that allowed you take make “mini me”s and the options were just horrible! These MiniCools and these websites for that matter are a way of getting the girl or guy of your dreams without putting yourself out there completely. We all know that a broken heart is one of the suckiest things on earth.

But with these websites you can safely flirt and let that person know you like them, and if they like you back, awesome! And if not? No big deal. It sort of lessens that feeling of anguish you get when someone doesn’t like you back the same way you like them, ya know?

Sites like these have all sorts of other things to keep you interested such as forums, chat rooms, advice sections, music downloads, ring tone downloads, games and much more! These are definitely sites you are going to want to look at. They are definitely worth your while! Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering about the profile options, they let you customise things like images, quizzes, jokes, favorites, blogs, videos, and even the profile color and design! Needless to say these sites are pretty darn cool! Have fun and remember to be safe!

Some regular dating sites:

Date Hook Up –
We’re a 100% free online dating site. View photos of singles in your area, see who’s online now! Don’t pay for personals, meet singles here for free.

I Am Free Tonight –
IamFreeTonight has created several new and exciting free online dating service features to help singles meet TONIGHT. Experience our unique Double Dating & Date Now! concepts for a new way for singles to meet people online. Find a Date TONIGHT!

Hello Darling –
Here you’ll find somebody to love, personals, chat, ads, love and romance! Search through our Date finder and don’t forget to add your own portfolio and meet thousands of members. Most people prefers to search for portfolios with pictures so upload your picture and describe yourself in your profile. You may not only send a free text message to your new friend .You may send a virtual kiss to another member to say that you are interested .It is easy and funny and most people like it. Use our free chat for singles to communicate with other members online and even make appointments ! This chat is the way to meet stranger by chance and see what pleasant surprise it could be!

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