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Finally, Amazon Makes an Awesome Thing That Customers Have Wanted for Years



Epic leaders tend to be epic readers. There are countless reading lists of books that can help you learn to think more creatively or stay on top of your game.

It’s just that finding time to read is hard. What if… you could multi-task and read while doing other stuff? Like while taking a bath. Relaxing in a hot tub. Floating down a lazy river in an inner tube. All ideal places to take in a breezy beach read, but none ideal environments for paper books or e-readers.

Until now. Because Amazon’s latest Kindle — aptly called Kindle Oasis — is waterproof. And, for those who have kids prone to spills and knocking over beverages, you could also say it’s somewhat kid-proof. Everyone’s excited. CNET calls it the “king of ebook readers.” It will ship starting October 31.

10 years in the making

This fall marks the 10-year anniversary of Amazon’s flagship e-reader. They’ve released several updated models over the years, but none that were waterproof. One month shy of Apple’s announcement of the first waterproof iPhone, Amazon is not far behind.

According to Wired, waterproofing has been the most-requested feature of Kindle users for years. Now you can dunk your Kindle in water or spill stuff all over it (though Amazon recommends you steer clear of food, oil, lotion and “abrasive substances”). If soapy, chlorinated or salt water gets inside, Amazon says you can simply rinse with fresh tap water and dry it. Then your Kindle Oasis will be good as new.

Technically, you can even try reading under water — though Amazon doesn’t recommend you really try submerging your Kindle for extended periods of time. Specifically, the device “meets the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard 60529 rating of IPX8 and can withstand immersion in up to 2 meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes.” So you might leave the Kindle Oasis at home during your next scuba diving adventure. 

The latest Kindle Oasis boasts a few other flashy features as well. There’s more storage so that you can hold a larger library of books. The screen is seven inches, one inch larger than the previous 6-inch Kindle Oasis model. It’s also Audible-enabled, which means you can listen to Audible books via Bluetooth speakers or headphones (but there’s no headphone jack).

Endless reading at your fingertips

This waterproof Kindle is game-changing. Imagine the possibilities, particularly for those who live a life of luxury. Now that you can read in more places — such as while relaxing in your infinity pool or while kicking back on your sailboat, as shown on the Kindle Oasis product page — you have no excuse for not plowing through 100 books in the next year.

Digging through the fine print though, there are a few types environments in which your Kindle Oasis is definitely not well-suited: pressurized water, high velocity water and really humid conditions. So unfortunately you will not be able to read the latest Dan Brown novel while power hosing or sweating it out in the steam room. 

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