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The Entrepreneurship Initiative (Ei) was was launched in 2006 to encourage and support entrepreneurs within our congregation who have a bold vision to start a new arts, for-profit, or not-for-profit venture that foster shalom and brings about gospel-centered renewal to New York City and beyond. The initiative is now expanding as a movement beyond Redeemer, as churches in other cities join our Ei Forum and develop ways to serve entrepreneurs in their communities.


+ To live out the gospel, bringing its message of hope, love, and justice to the whole city

+ To start new organizations that address unmet needs and challenge the status quo

+ To unleash the church’s untapped potential to accomplish more together than we ever could on our own – some people risk their time and money; others lend their creativity, expertise and resources

+ To accelerate change through city-serving, gospel-manifesting new ventures launched by people in our congregations


+ THE Ei NETWORK – A network of people with skills and experience to mentor, partner, and consult with new ventures and their entrepreneurs.

+ THEOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS – A solid Biblical foundation for our role in cultural renewal and God-glorifying approaches to leadership, serving customers, and benefiting society.

+ THE ENTREPRENEURS FELLOWSHIP – To connect entrepreneurs, new and experienced, in a community that inspires and supports each other.

+ THE BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION – To draw out the best ideas and entrepreneurs from our midst and provide them with some of the visibility, connections, and resources required to start and grow their venture.

+ THE EI FORUM – Our gathering of investors and entrepreneurs committed to building a movement of innovative, gospel-centered, culture-renewing institutions and ventures.

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