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Carlos Slim on Business, Investing and Entrepreneurship



An interview with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. In this interview Carlos covers many topics but mostly focuses on business and his career in it. Carlos discusses his time in business and gives unique insights, useful for any business person or investor. Carlos also discusses poverty and how he believes it should be tackled. The interview covers these topics and so much more, all video segments can be found below.📚 Carlos Slim’s favourite books are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:13 Insurance & Telecommunications business
5:15 Capitalising on the privatisation of the telephone service
7:07 Foresight or destiny?
9:32 The next opportunity
14:38 The future
19:00 The future of civilisation
23:41 Is it important for someone in business to understand history?
24:23 Born and raised in Mexico City
26:31 What were you like as a child?
28:11 Carlos father being an immigrant from Lebanon
29:37 Childhood heroes
31:30 Becoming an engineer
32:36 Getting started on the road to success
35:46 Is making underperforming companies profitable an instinct?
39:50 What gave you the courage to buy a failing business in the 80’s?
45:21 Challenges from Telefonica
47:41 The operating principles of Grupo Carso
50:25 The pressure of managing an enormous enterprise
53:50 Building a business from 1 to 100,000 customers
56:55 Has studying engineering helped you to evaluate opportunities & risk?
59:59 Which is more important for success, instinct or experience?
1:03:09 What has enabled you to succeed as a entrepreneur and investor?
1:08:09 What do you know about achievement now that you didn’t know when you were starting out?
1:11:22 Balancing career and family life
1:12:52 The fathers and sons business weekend
1:15:21 Working as a teacher
1:21:35 Was there a moment of discovery in your career?
1:23:07 An entrepreneurial approach to social problems
1:25:50 How do you account for your success?
1:30:20 How do you want to be remembered?
1:35:53 A new paradigm to address poverty

Carlos Slim’s Favourite Books🔥
Mr. Baruch:
The Crash of ’79:
The Fords:
As I See It:

Interview Date: June 11th, 2004 & December 2nd, 2007
Event: Academy of Achievement
The Academy of Achievement interview supporting document:
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