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Career Talk: How to Get an Internship feat. The Intern Queen



Hi fam! I’m excited to launch my new series “Career Talk” where I bring in experts and friends to chat about all things career related. In this first episode I sit down with Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen, to talk about how to get an internship, dos and don’ts of resumes, organizing your dream list and why it’s so important to write that after-interview thank you note!

Watch our second episode where we talk about the different ways that you can stand out during your internship:

Stay tuned throughout the series as we cover how to stand out during the internship, dealing with rejection, turning your passion into a full time profession and so much more.

👑 INTERN QUEEN: Lauren Berger 👑
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*Thank you to two of MY real, actual interns – Sophie and Abby – for demonstrating the tips in this video!*

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