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Adultery – It Will Destroy Your Family

General View of Adultery

The actual numbers of spouses who commit adultery vary widely. Some sources indicate that an estimated nineteen million men and seventeen million women have cheated on their spouses. These numbers are staggering, especially in light of the fact that of the general public, eight out of ten people view adultery as being wrong.

The definition of adultery also varies. Some individuals believe adultery to only be sexual acts outside of a marriage that occur between married individuals who are not spouses. Yet another definition is that adultery is any relationship, of a sexual or emotional nature, that occurs outside of a marriage by individuals who are married. Taking the parameters even further is the definition that extends the outside relationships to any that take place outside a committed relationship, marriage or not.

How Will Adultery Destroy Your Relationship?

Marriage is usually based on trust and fidelity. By behaving within the willfully imposed guidelines of a monogamous marriage, spouses are telling the other that they are valued and loved. Once that agreement is breached by adultery, there is an unknown introduced into the relationship that can destroy the relationship.

One result of adultery can be the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. Having unprotected sex with an individual who is not one’s spouse exposes both the individual and the spouse to the danger of disease. These maladies can manifest in various ways, from mere inconvenience to infertility or even death, depending on the disease. Participating in adultery tells the victimized spouse that their health is not important.

Another way in which adultery is disastrous to relationships is in the picture they create for the children in marriages where one spouse has strayed. Whether the children are old enough to understand exactly what is going on or not, many children who grow up in homes where there is adultery grow up to repeat the instances in their own marriages. They become accustomed to distanced relationships where there is little intimacy, and create these circumstances, often unknowingly, within their relationships.

Yet another often overlooked way in which adultery will destroy a relationship is through the conception of children within the outside relationships. Even when the straying spouse seeks to keep the affair a secret, support a child can create enormous financial strain. That spouse is also in danger of blackmail by the other parent of the secret child, as increasing demands can come frequently in the form of threats to reveal the infidelity.

Adultery will destroy your relationship. Infidelity fosters mistrust and resentment within a marriage and if left unresolved the issue can ferment and poison the union. Even when counsel is sought, the chances of the marriage surviving adultery are not a certainty. The only certainty involving adultery is that it will definitely destroy a marital relationship by placing distance and mistrust into what should be a loving and committed bond.

Source by Theresa A. Smith

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