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3 Matcha Cocktails to Cozy Up With This Fall

Matcha is everywhere these days: in lattes, cookies, chocolate, doughnuts, and even skin care! But have you tried a matcha cocktail yet?

To be clear: Matcha goes back long before Instagram and millennial food trends. The Japanese tea ritual of whisking matcha powder into hot water has been around for centuries, and matcha is a traditional and common morning drink in Japan. While research on the full health benefits of matcha is still in the early stages, we know for sure that it contains caffeine, which can boost alertness and energy. Oh, and it’s also delicious, cozy, and really beautiful.

Because we’re huge matcha fans, we asked a bartender for some at-home matcha cocktail recipes that’ll get the party started. Becky McFalls Schwartz is the beverage director at Bar Moga, a Japanese cocktail bar in New York City. Schwartz created all of the cocktails on the Bar Moga menu and is a veteran in the industry, so she had no problems whipping up three easy-to-follow cocktail recipes that use matcha in unexpected, delicious ways. Check out all three recipes below, and choose one to make for your next dinner party or as a surprising addition to your holiday party cocktail offerings. Your friends will totally be impressed.

1. Matcha Blossom

Amber Venerable

Already missing summer? Get your fix with this bright cocktail that features peaches in a big way. The mix of mint and lemon with a matcha base pairs well with fresh peaches or madeleines, Schwartz says. “This is summery, juicy, and fresh. This is probably my favorite of the three because it’s so easy to drink.”

You will need: peaches, mint, matcha, sugar, lemons, absinthe, and gin.

Amber Venerable

Peaches, mint, matcha, sugar, and lemons

Get the recipe here.

2. Matcha Malted

Amber Venerable

Inspired by her husband’s love for malts and her own love for rum, Schwartz says this fizzy drink “tastes like a Whoppers malted milk ball mixed with matcha and cream.” It’s like a super sophisticated version of your favorite childhood dessert.

You will need: matcha powder, malt powder, honey, vanilla, almond milk, and rum.

Amber Venerable

Rum, matcha powder, malt powder, honey, vanilla, and almond milk

Get the recipe here.

3. Matcha Parfait

Amber Venerable

Love peanut butter? This one’s for you. Schwartz suggests pairing it with tiramisu (sensing a dessert theme here?) to really bring out the deep taste. “This is rich and sweet,” she says. Both the tequila and the honey add sweetness, but the matcha lends an earthiness that cuts into the sugar and keeps it from being cloying.

You will need: matcha powder, honey, tequila, Licor 43, heavy cream, orange zest, and peanut butter powder.

Amber Venerable

Matcha powder, honey, blanco tequila, Licor 43, heavy cream, orange zest, and peanut butter powder.

Get the recipe here.

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