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3 Bots That Will Help Online Store Owners Get More Done this Black Friday and Cyber Monday



Automation isn’t about removing the human element from your business. It’s about enhancing it. That’s because automation helps entrepreneurs, especially online store owners, get the job done right at twice the speed any normal person could.

And what entrepreneur isn’t interested in increase speed, efficiency and accuracy? Regardless of the time of year, that should be of interest to all founders. But, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just a few days away, automation should be doubly important.

That’s because virtually all functions of your online business, from backend processes like fulfillment and logistics to customer-facing functions like marketing and communications, will all be tested this holiday season.

To help offset this heightened workload, here are three bots that can help you maximize efficiency come this Black Friday-Cyber Monday. Shopify allows you to easily add bots like these to your online store and the first one, Kit, is exclusive to Shopify’s platform. 

1. Kit

Kit is a free tool that acts as a virtual employee. It can be used to perform tasks like setting up and running Facebook and/or Instagram ads, sending thank you messages, cart abandonment emails, creating discount codes and much more.

I use Kit in several of my Shopify stores, and anticipate it being even more useful than it already is with Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching. Kit can also send you daily notification alerts and even intelligent marketing suggestions via Messenger or text.

2. Social Share Bot

Social media advertising is one way I’ve exponentially grown one of my businesses.

Depending upon your niche, proper social media management can do the same for you. And, like all things, this responsibility is magnified come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when casual social media users become super users in search of deals and excitement.

Heightened consumer activity on social media should come with a commensurate increase in social media marketing. But creating 10 times the content for your different company social media accounts all while engaging with your audience on each is a full-time job on its own. Bots like the Social Share Bot, which costs only three dollars a month, can help with managing this.

3. Simple Shop Automation

Simple Shop Automation is another application I love and here’s why: it helps handle those tasks that, although small, can have a large impact on your business. For instance, with one of my stores I regularly run promotions with unique discount codes.

However, other customers find the shop through other means and end up buying products at full price. Simple Shop Automation can tag these spenders as “VIP” users in my backend for easy segmenting.

Simple Shop Automation helps with tasks like removing sold out products from my shop, updating stock levels automatically, sending out sales reports at the conclusion of the work day, and updating broad categories of products all at the click of a button.

Using bots to automate your business can help you unlock its true potential. From engaging your target audience to expediting updates on your backend, bots free up valuable time spent on “redundant” processes to help you focus on growth, strategy and other essential functions.

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