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11 Gifts Every Busy Entrepreneur Hopes to Find Under the Tree



We all have that entrepreneur that we have no clue what to give for a Holiday gift. Here are some suggestions for you that almost any business person would like to find under their tree on Christmas morning.

1. A portable charger for everything.

The Mophie – Powerstation Portable Charger will keep their phone and tablet charged all day long. With 20,000 mAh will charge up to six devices. The sleek and thin unit will fit easily into a purse or jacket pocket.

2. Great lighting

Entrepreneurs work long hours and are no strangers to working late into the night. Adequate Lighting, during those long night-time hours, will help to prevent headaches and eye strain. The Nahla 71.37″ Torchiere floor lamp features a large floor lamp and a reading light. This attractive lamp is available in a variety of finishes.

3. Executive or Career Coaching

Coaching provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organizations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence, and focus.It can be critical in supporting you through times of instability providing a positive focus and enabling individual ownership of change. 

4. Great coffee.

We all thrive on caffeine. You will not go wrong with a personalized gift basket from her or his favorite gourmet coffee shop, or perhaps something unique treat like Coffee Bar Pralines by Slitti. Available from 

5. Travel accessories.

Personalized leather luggage tags from Mark and Graham will distinguish your entrepreneurs travel bags with style.

6. Durable storage for tablets, keys, and accessories.

The Yeti Sidekick is made with puncture resistant fabric and has a water-resistant zipper. It works with other Yeti bags if your entrepreneur needs a sturdy airplane carry-on bag or a great bag to carry when you’re working from by the pool or while sitting on the beach.

7. Start writing.

Moleskine – M+ Collection Smart Writing Set. This is a must for any business person who jots down notes and drawings the old fashion way. Contractors, clothing designers, and interior decorators will love this. The attractive black notebook records pen strokes from a hidden camera in the smartpen an app instantly converts what you record into computer files, suitable for cloud storage or sharing with assistants and material suppliers.

8. A great chair.

Most entrepreneurs spend hours a day at their desk, so a really comfortable chair is an investment in their overall wellbeing. The Embody chair by Herman Miller distributes pressure evenly and provides optimal support for healthy movements.

9. Smart speakers.

Smart speakers are one of the hottest product categories. The HomePod from Apple launches in December. It’s expected to be in high demand. It looks impressive, sounds impressive and as Gizmodo wrote a few weeks back: “Even if the Siri speaker sucks, you’ll want it.” The Schatzii Bullet 2.0 stereo earbuds will provide you with the true wireless freedom to make calls and listen to music, and are the world’s smallest Bluetooth earbuds. 

10. A new laptop.

The one thing every entrepreneur hopes Santa leaves in their stocking is the latest tech, to keep up with the business world. They need a durable laptop, with the latest processor and enough storage for enhanced graphics, and presentations. A battery that will keep the laptop going as long as they do will help them finish their tasks. The customizable Dell XPS offers a high-resolution display and unique features that will keep your entrepreneur productive in the high-stress world of business.

11. Beer or wine.

Beer or wine memberships are always a hit. For over 20 years The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club has been selecting hand-crafted microbrews from over 1000 U.S and International breweries. For the wine drinkers, I’ve had great wine from Gold Medal Wine Club.

I hope this helps you with your shopping, and I wish you all the best this Holiday season.

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