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10 Questions with Tommy Hilfiger



The fashion-industry titan talks about acceptance, autism and why nobody should wear florals

For the New York City fall 2014 collections this week, you’re inviting Instagrammers to shoot and share pictures. Couldn’t you save $2 million or so by not having a show and just doing a social-media event?

I think it’s important to do the show because so many people come to see the show up close and live. They want to see how the clothes look on models. Some people like to touch the clothes. If you do a runway show well, I think it’s very worthwhile.

It took you many years to gain recognition as a designer from the fashion establishment. Is that because you started as a retailer?

I think it was the advertising campaign in the very beginning [which equated Hilfiger with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein]. It sort of pinned me up against the titans, so they were, I would say, uneasy in accepting me into their world.



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